Monday, 16 July 2007

Inspired to share.

Whilst catching up on some friends blogs I was inspired to share with you some of my fave pix from the last few months. I went through the photos we have taken today so that I can take them to be printed out, something I do every few months for our family as some don't have computers so we can't share our pix that way. It is a nice thing to do actually because it is like re-living the moment. I love my digital camera, I can take as many photos as I like and not have to worry about processing but also not have to worry about sharing the film with what hubby wants to take. This first lot were taken the same day as the shot behind my header (the sunset). That was a really great day. We joined some friends for an evening at the beach and were blessed with an awesome sunset, a wedding, seagulls, pelicans, and best of all, happy kids. This chap was just begging to have his photo taken.

These two came soaring in so close I thought they were going to crash! The lights were on a jetty where there were several people fishing so I expect they came in hope of a free feed! I don't think I have ever been as close to one before.

I managed to get right under the light pole before this one flew away.

The afore-mentioned awesome sunset. I think I should have loaded it bigger.

Stay tuned for more pix, I might even squeeze in some arty ones too.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Rust, RAKs & Swaps

Let's start with RAKs. This arrived in my post box last week from the lovely Julie H in Albany. There is so much to look at in such a small space (it is an ATC - Artist Trading Card for the uninitiated). Thanks Julie for sending it to me, you know I love your work (and you!) so anything that arrives from you is a treasure and will be treated as such.

Something that will appeal to Julie as well as several other people I can think of!, is this next pic. I am in a metal ATC swap so decided I would send in something rusty. I used the Chatsworth Rusting Mediums. It is a bit hard to see from the size of the pic but the first ATC has the most fantastic 'rusty' shades. It seems a shame to use it. It reminds me of some pressed tin sheets that I have seen in the salvage yard (must get back there one of these days but I always seem to not only spend too much money but get very dusty and dirty too!).

The canvas below is the first step in a 1 on 1 swap I am doing with a friend. I missed out on doing a canvas round robin earlier in the year because we were moving house. I was very impressed with the results I saw so was disappointed again not to have been sharing the fun, hence the 1 on 1. What do you think of the colour? It is a light teal green kind of colour. I found it years ago in craft shop bargain bin, it is called Patio Paint I think. At the time I just bought it cause it was cheap and the colour was ok, now I wish I had looked for more 'cause I am using it all up!

More on swaps. This is the final result of the mini canvases I posted earlier. I decided to connect them all together instead of making them a wall hanging as I had previously thought.

And last of all the letter 'G' for yet another swap, this one an Alphabet Book. It is due at the end of the month but we have had several months to work on them. I thought it about time I finished them and sent them in. I really want to get things in early the rest of the year. It is never my intention to be just on time or even late but inspiration escapes me until a week before then it is panic stations to get the project finished. Not anymore! I am going to chase inspiartion down and make it share!

My DH is at home this time so I am going to SAJ's tonight - yay! Lots of art, chat and drooling! (over the art!) Can't wait!
See you there,

I don't do cute but ...

How cute are these two! My sons Joshua - 6.5 (on right) and Noah 2, in their Sunday best. As soon as I saw the little knitted vest and skivvy set I just had to get them for my littlest man. I knew he would look gorgeous.

While I am still on the subject, I made this card and tag set for a neighbour who has just had a little boy. I knew there was a reason I don't do cute, it was so hard! I love it, don't get me wrong, I can ooh and ahh over a cute card as well as anyone but to actually DO one is like pulling teeth for me. Just as well I don't have too many friends who are pregnant!

I have some more uploading of pix to do today while Noah is asleep so I hope he has a nice long one. Stay tuned.