Monday, 20 August 2007

Not much happening ...

Another school week begins but that is about it today, boring huh? Well to brighten up things a little how about some pix from last weeks' arty efforts and the mail. I received quite a few goodies.

Starting with what I got done, though this wasn't done last week, I only got it photographed last week, it was at it's other owners' house! This hanging was a joint effort between my good friend Charmaine and I for a shop which has recently closed. We had so much fun the evening that we played with the Collections little houses that we decided to make them into a little village.

I made this box to house a Mystery Muse pressie for my partner for July (or was it August?). It is on it's way to her right now, I hope she likes it, I know her taste is a little different to mine. The pic below this one is what is in the box. I dug out a plain papier mache box to send it in but couldn't just leave it at that, I had to decorate it.

This project was inspired by the Captured Fairies that Lisa Volrath makes which are just gorgeous. I would love to do one of her kits but they go so fast on her Etsy site and I don't think she sends to Australia anymore, too many mail issues, which I can understand, had my fair share too!
This is my first ATC from the SGATC round robin, the theme was working on canvas. I love using canvas myself but am always on the lookout for new ways to use it. This is from the Paper Pixie, Nikki Blowers.

This next is from my Mystery Muse. A little spiral bound altered note book, just love it.
The second of the cxanvas ATCs for the round robin. This one from Gen Payne. Love it, love it, love it! I have that Cuttlebug die so I can add yet another thing to do with it. Well, when I get to use it anyway! It is sitting in it's box until Saturday when my DH will let me open it. It is my birthday present and even though it has been in my house for some weeks I am not allowed to open and use them till Saturday, he is cruel isn't he! (Loves ya hon!)
This from the Calling All Stampers, Winner Takes All comp. Each month someone is chose as the lucky winner and the rest of the group send her an ATC. This is all the way from Texas by Kim Mckinney. The pic is a bit washed out which is a pity because that background is just yummy. Darker and shimmery. Definetly have to ask how it was done.

Well, that is it for another day. Soccer practice tonight and maybe some time in the 'craft room' since DH is away. Unbeliveably I have only one project to work on so I may even get time for a play, though the last time I said that I ended up in Armadale ER with Noah! He was jumping into a pile of clothes that were sitting in front of an old TV and, you guessed it, he had a bit too much bounce and went straight into the TV. Split his nose right down the middle, blood everywhere. It looks great now but a week and a half ago he had black bruises and a puffy nose, He wouldn't stand still long enough for a photo but I think he will have a scar for a while to remind us.
Take care everyone,

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

More Art Photos

What a glorious weekend we had in Perth! After a week (maybe more!) of rain and over cast days the sun came out.

Saturday was spent being a lazy lizard soaking up the sun and defrosting my bones, watching the kids play outside. Sunday, after church, we spent planting all the seedlings and plants we bought the day before. DH was away on a fishing weekend with his brothers and dad so we decided to add to our animal family as well by getting some aquatic snails to keep our goldfish company and looking at all the wonderful fish and birds at a local pet store.

I also spent some time looking through my photos and finding some art ones that I hadn't posted.

The first 3 are of a dimensional frame I decorated for a good friend. Heehee, I just noticed that you can see the camera in the first shot. Can you tell I like rusty things?

These were done as part of the Pandora's Box swap I am doing.

These two pages were for an altered board book swap.

This was a Mystery Muse gift for someone at a stamp camp in Busselton I went to recently. I hadn't quite finished it when camp started, it needed that one thing more, so I decided to wait to see what turned up. Well, the bottle is filled with Geograph Bay sand and the wire wrapped around the bottle was picked up in the carpark in front of the salvage yard that we raided. The funny thing was that the person who it was for was with me when I picked it up.

These next 4 ATCs were made at a scrap night I went to (I was desperate for some 'me' time, what can I say!)

This one was a RAK.

Another 2 sets of pages from the Altered Board Book Swap.

I hope you enjoyed all that art, I think it will be the last for a while, I need to make more before I can post more!

Keep dry,

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Has it really been two weeks?!

I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy two weeks ago and am still recovering which is why it has been pretty quite here of late. I hope everyone else is managing to avoid it. I haven't had three days in bed since this time last year when I had pnuemonia, I am glad it wasn't that bad this time round.

Being unwell must have a good effect on me (or else it is all the recovery time!) I have managed to finish a couple of swaps and even have a play.

Here is something that is going into the post next week as part of a Diva pressie. It is a blatant rip off of a project I saw on the Hero Arts site but I really liked it and wanted to do something similar before using my own ideas.

This is one of the swaps I have finished, an all wax piece that I am rather pleased with. Kelsey, you really got me hooked on this wax stuff! I am using it all the time, in fact I have to stop myself from using it in all the projects I have going! In the pages that are going to the swap the lace and the buttons are changed around which looks heaps better.

This photo is so bad but I am too lazy to get up and take another one. It means opening the envelope again too so that is enough justification for me! This is the finished product for the rusted metal tape ATCs I posted earlier. I didn't want to hide the gorgeous background so decided to just add as little as possible.

This is another ATC for a swap.

Until recently I was a member of a design team for a local shop (it is now closing down). Here are a few ATCs I made for them.

I heard a rumour that someone may be opening a shop in Armadale. I hope it is more than that as the nearest place with anything at all useful is 20 minutes away. Tell a lie, we have a good art shop just up the road from me but she has very limited stock for a paper artist more painting related stock. It would be great to have a paper shop closer, then again it might be dangerous for the bank account!
DH is away at the moment so that means an evening of art for me (nothing on TV!). I am doing a fat book right now and am in the planning stages. I wanted to get my other projects out of the way so I can make a real mess and not have to clear it up. I mentioned to DH the other day after I had finished clearing up how tidy everything was and I was finding it hard to get any creativity flowing. I guess I need a mess to be arty!
Have a great Thursday everyone,