Tuesday, 15 December 2009

About time!

Well, where have the months gone? Once again life has gotten in the way of art. It has been such a busy 6 months but I don't feel I have an awful lot to show for it. The kids have all settled into school, my DH now has a job and my health has stayed good so I guess there really is something to show for that time though maybe not as tangible as I might have wanted.

Thanks to everyone who emailed or spoke to me about my MS. It has certainly been a year of reassessment of my life and priorities. I had my last doctors appointment a couple of weeks ago and my MRI scan was clear of any new lessions and the existing ones were a little reduced so I am presuming that is good news. The MRI was a bit daunting this time, I was expected to be in there for an hour and a half - eek! I never thought I was claustraphobic before I had an MRI but having gone through the first one (and subsequent ones) I was not looking forward to this one. It took less than an hour for which I was very thankful.

Noah and I went to the zoo as our last outing for the year. Next year he will be in full time Preprimary. I will miss him heaps and even though he talks non-stop when he is at home I get cuddles, kisses and zurples whenever I want. He really wanted to see the snakes, the penguins and the elephants. I wanted to see the otters (could have stayed watching them for hours). I wanted to get more photos but we had so much to see in a short space of time that I kept forgetting to get the camera out. I couldn't resist the Meerkats though. This fellow below is the lookout.

How cute are these guys! It was a bit hard at first to work out what was in the hole and even to see them all there in the shade vut they were right up next to the barrier so I could get a good shot
Can you guess what this is? Aussies will probably be able to pick out that it is a Tasmanian Devil asleep on its' back. It took a while to spot it and figure out how it was lying. It is one of the hardest things about going to the zoo in Summer, all the animals are either asleep or hiding to escape the hot sun.

No, it is not a real lizard (Perentie) but Noah was still quite apprehensive about climbing up for a pic.
The week before the combined Kindy/Preprimary classes went to the childrens' playground at Kings' Park. I hadn't been there in a number of years so it was great to go there again. One of the teachers brought some little bottles of bubbles which were a great hit with kids and Mums alike. Noah still doesn't quite have the knack but he tries!

How is this, can you tell what it is? A face made from plastic railway tracks. Made by Noah. and all by himself, no help from his sisters or brother. Budding Picasso huh?

And lastly some art by me. The arty_oz Yahoo group is holding a 1-4-1 Christmas swap. This is for my partner. I hope she likes it.

This was for a combined church ladies dinner that I attended. We were all asked to bring a $5 gift to swap. The blanket cost me $5 but it was a little boring. I cut out and needle felted on some oak leaves then hand stitched the veins of the leaves. I was quite pleased with the result and the lady who picked it was very happy too.

We are in holiday time now - yay! - 8 weeks of sleep-ins. Maybe I will even get time to get back into creating. I haven't got a whole lot planned for the time, maybe a trip to Aqua (which I will always think of as Underwater World) and to the Dinosaur exhibit at the museum, mostly just bumming around and being happy I don't have to drive up the hill twice a day to get the kids to and from school.
I hope everyone stays safe over the holidays.