Friday, 13 February 2009

And The Winners Are ...

... ?

There are about 910 other blogs with the same (or very similar) titles today. Yes, it is time to draw the winners of the the One World One Heart blog giveaway. Are you excited? I am! I went and visited all 910 other blogs and they were all so different. Some I left comments on, some I didn't, some had content that interested me, some didn't, some I am going to visit regularly, some I will check once in a while, but all were wonderful just because they got involved with Lisa's great idea of making the blogging world a little closer.

Ok, enough of what I think, to the winners! Not alot of science was applied here. I printed out the pages (all 39 of them - thanks!), randomly picked a page, closed my eyes and took a stab. These are the 5 winners names.





Congrats everyone!!! I will be contacting you very soon.

Thanks to all 240 of you that left some really lovely comments. I would loved to have sent you all something special. I can't wait for next years event now. Can we hit 1000 participants - I would love to think so.

Take care,