Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Art To Share

September already?! Where has the year gone? It is certainly true that as you get older the years go faster which is not always a good thing as there is just so much to do. Soccer season is almost at an end for this year - hooray! It is great for the kids to get out there and enjoy themselves but how I loathe 6:30am starts on a Saturday morning!

On a brighter note I have been plowing through the projects I have on the go at the moment. I am almost finished a collaborative book page for a swap on arty_oz. I just have to find a printer that will do vellum. Below is a page from the Board Book swap. The theme is Angels.

I was in a beading shop a couple of months ago and saw these great book marks and had to give them a go. Yeah, I know they have been around for ages but I am only getting to them now. I made quite a few for friends and family. I especially like the little cages that you can add sead beads to.

Next is the only decent photo I have taken of the samples from the technique classes I am doing at Scrap It Flaunt It in Armadale. I really need to find the right spot to take photos. This one was for the Beeswax class held in July. The wax was straight from the honey producer and made the whole room smell sweet, almost overpoweringly so.

The Pandora's Box swap is almost to an end. This is for Ann G. I am into the house shape at the moment, even running a house book swap and doing a house book for a 1 on 1 swap. The swirl stamp is one of my favorites, I use it on everything.

Front cover

First pageSecond page
Third page

Fourth page

Last pic for today is of Nova and Woosha sunbathing. I noticed them taking in the rays when I was sitting in my craft room. What a life. I think the grass needs a mow! Nova has been with us about 3 weeks now and is such a lovely dog. She has had a few arguements with Woosh but on the whole they seem to get on quite well. We have been taking her to agility training when we go with Woosh not that she does any of the work, we go for a walk around the oval while Jess and Woosha train. They are both doing quite well now with Woosha going off-lead and really listening to Jess. He still gets a bit disturbed by the other dogs but he is slowing realising that they are not a threat.

I am working on a couple of felt projects too so hopefully they will be finished soon and I can post pix of them, I will see how they turn out!

Stay arty!