Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Wire Work and Beading

Mondays are my 'day off' though it usually consists of the weekly shopping, Drs visits, dentist appointments and hairdresser appointments. Sometimes though, I can fit in a beading lesson. I am slowly getting better and more adept at wire work and beading. I had a lovely few hours at The Beadhive in Jandakot yesterday and managed to get a pair of earrings and a pendant finished. I also bought beads, findings and wire for a bracelet which I admired in the store. There are some lovely samples here and there around the shop and quite a few are for sale. Below are the earrings. I saw the project in a book called 'Making Designer Bead and Wire Jewelry' by Tammy Powley, that I found in the local library, and wanted to give it a go. And a warning and apology for the photos, I must be having the shakes today.

Next I was shown how to wire wrap a large bead and when I got home I made some earrings to match. It was so much fun and so quick I decided to do a purple one too. This time with a few kinks in the wire.

As I was getting all my gear together to head home from the shop I saw another project that I wanted to try. This one looked far too complicated for me but I was assured that once I was off and going it would all sort of happen by itself. That couldn't have been more true. I stumbled for the first 10 minutes or so deciding how many strands to use (more is most definetly better here) and then I was off and threading. My daughter (who loves her Mum very much) said this morning that she couldn't believe I had done it in one night, it looked very professional AND would I show her how to do one? It is about an inch (2.5cm) wide and fits nicely around my wrist. It consists of 6 strands or wire and I don't know how many beads.

Detail of a section of the bracelet.

While my Auntie was here recently my Mum and I took her up to our local beading shop in Armadale, in the Pioneer Village, for a lesson. Mum and I had picked out this bracelet to do on a previous visit. The purple one was made in the shop and the red one at home later that day.

Detail of the 'snail' bracelet as we call them.

While I was in the mood for wire and beads today I found another project I wanted to try. This time from a book called 'Tips and Shortcuts for Jewellery Making' by Stephen O'Keeffe. This is a very in-depth book and for the metal worker rather than the wire/bead worker. It still has some really lovely designs though. My swirls need some work so I will be off to the shop as soon as another day is free but I didn't think it came out too badly. I am also in 'need' of a few more beads.

Hope you are all having a great week,


Tuesday, 14 October 2008


I have often read on other blogs that coming up with something to put for a title is harder than coming up with things to blog about. I decided to stick with one word today as my title could have run to pages. It has been a while and lots has been happening. Does life ever stop or slow down?

We have another new member of our doggy household - Janey. She is an absolute sweety. She is 3 years old and is very loving. She is so funny to watch when she does bog laps around the backyard, she comes tearing round the corner and almost loses her back legs because she is going so fast. I took some photos of her sunbathing this afternoon. We are going to really miss her when she has found her forever family. All of us are enjoying having her. She is very different from Nova, our first foster. Nova wasn't very interested in Noah, too little, but Janey doesn't mind him at all. Noah will come up to her and go nose to nose, they are about the same height, she doesn't quite know what she is meant to do so just waits there until he moves off. When we went on holiday recently we had to give Nova back so that we could go. I hear she is still up for adoption so if you are interested in a great dog for older kids she is the one for you.

Since I was taking doggy pictures I thought I would take some more of our handsome boy Woosha. So nice of him to pose for me.

I finally finished 2 of the 3 names tags I was asked to do for the girls at Scrap It Flaunt In in Armadale (WA). This first one is for Tina using the Collections Ozzie Owl kit. I think he turned out quite nicely and Tina has called to let me know she likes him too.

Lysandra gave me a scrap of paper at a recent scrap night and said ' Make my name tag with this.' 'Ok' I said wondering what I was going to do with a pink and green scrap of paper. This is what I came up with. She hasn't seen it yet so I hope she likes it, I do. Now I just have to think of something for Maureen and then I might even redo my own now that the rest of the girls have such nice new ones.

Speaking of the shop here is a teaser for an upcoming calendar class I am doing. I was given a Collections calendar blank kit in my most recent DT pack and was asked to possibly make it a class too. It was alot of fun. I kept to three colours, cream, white and black. If you are interested in taking the class give the girls a call and book yourself in. The phone number is 9498 0097.

I am also starting Saturday afternoon Technique classes. The first one is this coming Saturday starting out with the book and Alcohol Inks. We will be starting from the beginning and continuing on in the same order as the classes that have already been so if you missed out or just want a refresher sign up now. They will be every second Saturday at 2pm.

Now, I hope you are sitting down - I have been doing some sewing! I came across a cute book at the library called Pretty Little Pincushions and had to give this one a go. It was educational as well as fun. I won't make the same mistakes in the next one I do, now which one to choose.

In the post today I got a most anticipated Collaborative book which 31 of us from the arty_oz yahoo group particiapted in. This is the page I contributed. The theme was Women.

Ok, enough arty stuff for now. Earlier in the year I took some photos of Amy playing soccer. She had quite a day that day. We arrived early for another of the childrens games and she was roped into being goalie for the other Armadale under 14s team as they were a few players down. Staright after that game was her own, so for two hours she was goalie non stop.

I couldn't resist this shot of Noah with a hotdog all of his own. The sausage had been just a little too much to get his mouth around so that got eaten first. The bun was still quite a mouthful though.

Another picture of Noah. I have noticed that I take more of him than any other member of our family. I think this is not only cause he is cute but maybe because he stays still the longest! Here he is playing in the sand at Peppermint Grove Beach, half way between Bunbury and Busselton in the South West of Western Australia. We we for a weeks holiday midway through September so mark the first anniversary of my Dad's death. Mum and my Auntie came with us so it was a full house indeed, just as well we had a big one. The location was fantastic apart from the incessant wind. Across the road from a dog beach and the house owners allowed dogs so Woosha came with us. We had not taken him away with us or to the beach before so it was all new for us. He had a ball though, literally, you through, he chases. He didn't stop for an hour even though his sides were heaving.

The next two shots are taken at what I think is one of my favorite places in the South West. We go there everytime we go South and I can never resist taking a photo.

It has been such a gloriously sunny day today, I think I am going to go outside and appreciate the last of it, I might even water the plants.


Friday, 10 October 2008

Free Handbag Competition

And they are very cool handbags at that! I have chosen mine so go have a look and enter but please don't choose the same one! Here is the link


Have fun deciding. I changed my mind at least 5 times before I chose 'the one'.

BFN from sunny Perth,