Thursday, 10 July 2008

Lots of Art to Share

It has been a busy couple of weeks with an unexpected holiday and the start of the school holidays.

This months Mystery Muse on the INKRT Yahoo group matched me with my good friend Julie in Albany. Talk about pressure! I love the work Julie does and I wanted to make something extra special for her. I decided to use my newest favorite toy, my Clover Needle Felting tool. I found a lovely soft knitted hat at Coles (of all places) and got to work with some wool roving. Below is the result.

I couldn't stop at one gift though and decided to send this journal as well. It is the first thing I have made with the scrap aluminium I salvaged from my MIL's place that I mentioned in a previous post. It was a pain to cut but once I had the section ready I attacked it with some Alcohol inks and it was done. I even got to use my Bind It All for the first time. I also sent a bracelet but I didn't take a very good photo.

The canvas below is for Scrap It Flaunt It as part of the Design Team pack for this month. I got some lovely vintage papers, ribbons and embellishments. Once again I was inspired by the canvas I did in a class with Audrey Underwood. I really love this technique. I am working on two other projects but they still need some more work.

I had a lot of fun making this from PJ's Pandora's Box swap tin. It is an Eclispe mint tin rescued from my DH's desk drawer. I made it into a necklace with some ball chain.






Inside Lid

Last of the pictures of the projects I have done lately is a spread from the Tag Board Book round robin on Arty Oz. The theme was Vintage Children.

Now to the unexpected holiday. My DH can still suprise me even after being married almost 15 years. Without any help from me he totally organised a trip to Beedelup in the south west of Western Australia. Just Chris and I. The last time we took a holiday without the kids I was pregnant with Josh and that was 8 years ago. We were to stay in some gorgeous cottages all themed around fairy tale characters. There is Hansel and Gretel, Robin Hood and Maid Marion and Romeo and Juliette. We stayed in Romeo. So cosy, with a HUGE spa and an open fire. How very romantic. We read, ate, slept, ate, watched DVDs and ate some more. I think we must have put on 10 kgs between us. We did actually leave the cottage and had a look at the wonderful Karri forest in the area. One of the places we stopped is called Big Brook Dam. As we approached the water we could see a rainbow through the trees. As we got closer we could see that it actually started in the water not far from where we were. Chris didn't think it would photograph very well but I was so pleased that it did. It was a lovely suprise holiday and I hope it won't take us another 8 years before we get to do it again.

Off to Mandurah to see Chris' Grandma tomorrow so I think I will settle in with my book (a Kathy Reichs novel) and get cosy in bed.

Have a safe and warm weekend,