Friday, 24 September 2010

It's Been How Long?

After far too busy a year I have finally made time to post a quick update, hopefully more to come soon.

In July the family and I planned a trip to Port Douglas in Queensland for my brother-in-law's wedding. Since we were flying almost right past we decided that I would stop by Adelaide to visit my Mum's family with the four children and DH would join us a few days later. Mum was also going to go with the children and I for a quick catch up. All seemed to go to plan until we got on the plane. Did I mention that I hadn't flown for 19 years, I get very travel sick and have constant vertigo? Well, all that combined with an hour on the tarmac due to a fuel discrepency added up to a very sick me. We took so long to get off the plane at Adelaide and down to collect our luggage that the carousel had stopped going round and our bags were the last on there looking very lonely. So the long and the short of it is that I ended up staying in Adelaide with my youngest son while my DH took the other three children up to the wedding without me. A friend recommended a fabulous herbal remedy which helped me make it home and I decided never to travel by plane again. We did have a lovely time while we were in Adelaide though. Below are some photos taken at the Adelaide Zoo, current home for two wonderful Pandas, Funi and WangWang.

Of course the zoo has other animals, like this majestic giraffe ... 

... and who can resist the cute Meerkats.

This Sealion was so funny. It wasn't until we looked closer that we noticed she was sleeping with her tongue hanging out! What was in that fish?

After the older children had left, Noah and I had a great time with my Auntie, Uncle and Mum. More photos at a later date.

Have a great long weekend if you live in West Oz.