Thursday, 20 September 2007

Friday, 7 September 2007

Taking a minute to add some art.

I've had an eventful past few weeks, which is why I haven't done a thing with the blog for a while. You may remember I told you all about my youngest and his unscheduled trip to the local ER to take care of his 'bump' on the nose. Well, the same night my dad had a heart attack. Since then I have had my hands full helping mum with what ever needed doing, not very condusive to creating art.

My brother has also brought forward his wedding date so who was asked to do 100 invites in two weeks? You guessed it - me! Thanks goodness my future SIL is easy to please!

Once again I was inspired by Julie H's blog and a gorgeous necklace she made with the pendant being the handle part of a spoon. For some time I have had a project in the works for the kids and I to try. It will be a wind chime once all the parts are assembled but at the moment it is just a jumble of knives, forks and spoons. The pic below is a close up of some of the handles, I love the scrolly ones. Still have to find a few more but I think I am going to have to go further afield as the opp shops local to me obviously know how much I want them because they charge like a wounded bull!

It was my birthday last month and for it I received a handmade bookmark from my eldest daughter. Do you think she has caught on that I like rusty things?! She is the first one to jump out in a carpark and start searching for rusty bottle caps or nails closely followed by two of her other siblings I might add! Got them well trained haven't I!

These next photos are just to add more eye candy to the post. I did this work at least a year ago. The first is a page from a calendar swap for Calling All Stampers, a WA based stamping yahoo group, some great talent from all over the world in this group as was evident by the pages in the calendar. The crown is actually a pink foam die cut from KMart that I painted with rust medium, looks a heap better don't you think?!

This box was done for a swap that didn't go ahead on the INKredibly RT yahoo group. Another lot of very talented ladies on this group too. I am glad in a way because I was very happy with how it turned out so now I get to keep it!

Box with out the lid on.

A page from an Asian deco swap also on INKRT. I really enjoy this theme in my art and was very happy with the book that finally came back, it was one of those swaps that took ages to finish.

This is the first altered board book that I did. Vintage themed obviously and so much fun to do. I went a bit wild with the sanding on the lady image on the front cover, I sanded off one of her eyes!

I am hoping to make it to tonights' SAJ's as I have missed the last few with DH being away. I am hanging out to catch up with everyone, seems like an age since I have.

Have a safe and creative weekend everyone,