Thursday, 14 August 2008

Sunshine, Tadpoles & Nova

Hasn't the sunshine been lovely? All those who live in Perth (Western Australia) will know just what I mean. Yes, Winter is meant to be rainy but how we relish the sun when it comes out. The washing can dry on the line, the kids can play outside and I can get into the garden.

Chris went offshore again today so we took a quick trip up to Toodyay to visit his Mum before he left. More wonderful sunshine, a yummy roast lunch (how come the MIL's roast is so much better than mine?) and tadpoles! Mum has a small dam at the bottom of her block and with all the rain we have had recently it was full which meant plenty of tadpoles. A couple of months ago the kids wanted to make a frog pond so we found a corner in the garden and set one up. A neighbour who had heaps of frogs gave us some but they all ran (or hopped!) away. We now have about 20 tadpoles so I hope a few will stay. Of course having two boys one of them was bound to fall in, fortunately Mum (me) thought ahead and brought extra clothes! It was so lovely to be outside after having a horrible 3 weeks of various illnesses starting with Jess having tonsilitis, Amy developing it two weeks later, Chris and I both having tummy wogs and Josh getting an earache. Considering he is the littlest Noah has come through it all healthy as a horse.

It has been a long time coming but we are finally involved with the Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) program. We got our first lovely girl today. Her name is Nova and she is just beautiful. Here she is making herself totally at home after a very good start to her stay with us. Woosha just loves having another woman to dominate him and welcomed her straight away. It's hard work being so beautiful!

I am not sure how long we will have her as we are the foster family not her 'forever family' (that is so cute isn't it?) but I know we are going to fall in love with her and it will be hard to say goodbye. If you are interested in the fostering program or owning a greyhound let me know and I can pass you onto the very capable girls at GAP.

Well, the kids are being very patient with me and not pestering for dinner so I think I should get onto it before they do start. Tacos - Yum!

I promise some art in the next post, I just took some really terrible photos so I need to redo them before I post again.

Have a great week(end),