Monday, 12 November 2007

A Month of Upheaval

Definitely an inside, in front of the aircon type day today. The temp is currently at 38.6 for Perth which means it is about 40 in Armadale. So I guess there isn't any excuse for updating the blog. I have been feeling a bit blog weary the last month, hence the lack of posts! but a quick update is in order I think.

The last two months have seen so much stress and upheaval in my family. First was Dads' heart attacks and death, then my brothers' wedding and lastly my Mums' move. Don't 'they' say that those are the three most stressful events in a persons' life, I guess the one other would be a pregnancy and birth but that ain't gonna happen anytime, soon or otherwise! 4 is enough for me!

Still, the Lord is in control and I can do all things through Him (my mantra!).

I managed to get ahead in an ATC round robin with just two people to go. Here is the second to last.

And the third to last.

This is a canvas for the Pandora's' Box swap. The photocopied image came up heaps lighter than I expected but I was happy with the overall product.

And here is the happy couple. My SIL looked just gorgeous as all brides do. My bro scrubbed up pretty good too I thought!

DD1 has decided that she would like to make Salmon Patties for tea and who am I to refuse a dinner made for me? Off to check the state of the kitchen.

Till next time,