Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Mystery Muse & Suze

The last week has flown by with so much happening. Friday was by far the busiest with a trip into Perth to the craft show and a trade night at Stamp It. Since I was going to be out for quite a bit of the day I decided to leave a bit later. 1pm saw me walk through the doors. A quick recon up and down the isles and I was set to find the bargains. Well, I didn't find much. It was the first time I had been to the fair since it moved from the Burswood venue to the Convention centre. I don't think I will be bothering again. Apart from the parking or lack there of, I really didn't find that much that interested me. I spent most of my time keeping Joyce company at the Paper Forest stand. It was fun though! While I was there I managed to meet Dawn (and her Mum) and pass on Dawn's Mystery Muse for this month. I was inspired by the canvas class I did with Audrey at Scraptivate to do a smaller version.

The evening found me at Stamp It in Vic Park filling in for one of the ladies from Scrap It Flaunt It who couldn't make it. As I am on the Design Team and teach a few classes they thought I might get the most out of the evening. We were there for a make and take with Suze of Schmooze With Suze fame. What a lovely lady! We learnt all about Melt Pots, UTEE and To Dye For. Below is a photo of the SIFI crew who went. L - R Amy, Bianca, Maureen, me, Jodie and Suze. It was a great night. I learnt heaps (including the fact that I now NEED to get a melt pot!), was taught by a wonderful teacher and has some yummy pizza to top it all off.

Thursday sees me doing the first in a series of technique classes at the shop. We are starting with a folder to keep samples in and Alcohol Inks. I will post the samples after the class has run.

Have a great week,


Monday, 19 May 2008

The Funny Things Pets Do

Wow, two posts in as many days, must be a record. I was prompted to do this post after I read Julie H's most recent post. In it she says that Harvey was found in the bottom of her wardrobe, a place he considered safe from her little overnight visitor.

We have had a similar experience this last week with the MIL's dog, Jessamy. Mum had asked us to look after her for two weeks as she was going to Queensland to visit BIL Matt and his girlfriend Sarah and with her DH away there was no one else to look after the dog. Of course (being the suckers we are) we said 'No problem.' Last time we do that! She is a Shitzu cross, a little white fluffy thing. Our own dog is quite a bit bigger and is an outside dog, Jess is an inside dog, whole different kettle of fish! Always underfoot, whines when you shut her in for the night, jumps up on your leg when you are preparing dinner, not the big independant dog we are used to, not mention that Noah chased her round the house for most of the day which she wasn't impressed with.

On the day Mum is coming to pick her up we notice that she is very skittish, yelping (like a stuck pig!) everytime anyone goes within a foot of her. When we picked her up she screams like we are trying to murder her, something is definetly wrong. Off to the vet we go. $85 later, she has a slipped disk in the lower part of her spine, has had a cortisone injection and a course of tablets, 'If things don't improve within 24 hours take her for an xray.' I am happy to say that we haven't heard anything from Mum so she must be fine.

Now as to finding pets in strange places. DH went out for the morning so I used his office to give the poor girl some peace and quiet and to keep her confimed. Chris opens the door when he comes home and can't find her, I had warned him she was in there. We searched high and low, in every room, under couches, under beds, everywhere, we thought. The pix below are where we found her.

What a pityful sight! And how uncomfortable too! We took pity and left her there till Mum came. She was overjoyed to see Mum when they arrived to pick her up. poor girl, it must have been very stressful for her to go from a quiet house where you are the centre of attention to our noisey house where you are one of eight and last on the food chain. I wonder how she will react to us the next time we see her?

Have a great week everyone,


Saturday, 17 May 2008

Where has the time gone?

It has been weeks since I last updated the blog but I don't seem to have much to show for it. School holidays came and went, DH had his second round of shoulder surgery in there somewhere and I started teaching a few clasess at the local scrap shop (yeah, I know scrapping, but I am trying to convince them that not ALL work you do has to have a purpose or have photos of your family in it). So far I have done a star book class, next up is a technique class where we are going to make a book to keep our work in. The first technique is Alcohol Inks so I had to have a quick refresher myself as it has been awhile since I used them. BTW, the shop is called Scrap It, Flaunt It, it is in Armadale (WA) on William St (same as Centrelink) so go long and have a look round. If there is a particular product or class you want to do just ask and I am sure they will be able to organise something. Along with that there have been swaps and more swaps. These first photos are of the Tag Board Book swap on arty_oz. The first theme is Women.

I searched some of the quote sites for a quote that said just what I wanted and this is what I came up with, I rather like it. ' A beautiful woman delights the eye, a wise woman, the understanding, a pure, the soul' Minna Antrim.

This theme is Birds of a Feather.

Soccer season is back so lots of cold early mornings to look forward to. This morning was no exception except that I had something more than soccer to look forward to. Several months ago Audrey from Scraptivate displayed a canvas in the shop which I just loved. I asked nicely, bugged her, pestered her and finally she put some dates up for the class. The first one was today and I, for one, had a ball. I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing but DH was in the car park with a car load of bored kids so had to leave before I was completely done. I just love it though. Thanks Audrey, it was a great class.

Jess is starting Agility training with Woosha so expect some action photos in posts to come. I think they will both have a great time. Now that Woosha has finished Obedience training with Gina he is 'in the zone' and ready to go to the next level. He had a great time at a recent doggy boot camp that Gina and her daughter Sarah had for him. He had decided that he was alpha dog and Jess' Knight Protector and became very hard to control around other dogs. Now he is much more relaxed and willing to listen to Jess.

Both girls did a beading class up at the Pioneer Village craft shop which I think they will keep up which is very good 'cause there are a couple of pieces on display that I really like, though I may just go do a few classes myself! Josh is going next week to start drawing classes which I hope he will enjoy as he is hard to find non-sport activities for. We just have to find a piano teacher that is willing to come to our house to teach the kids and we will be set.

Well, I have a lasagne to make for dinner tonight so I had better get to it.

Keep warm and dry this week,