Friday, 11 February 2011

Where to start?

     Do you ever feel like so much has happened but when you look back you wonder what?

     It has been 5 months since my last venture into the blogging world and I am sure I must have done something over those months but just what is hard to put my finger on. The kids finished another year at school and stated a new one, we went on holiday to Albany (in Western Australian's Great Southern region), we have had birthdays and anniversaries, Christmas and New Years, settled into a new house and weathered all sorts of personal and outside dramas but when I look back on those months it seems I could have done a whole lot more. I definitely feel that life has taken hold and is running away. My oldest child is in year 11 (my baby!!!) and youngest in year 1 (my baby!!!), my oldest also has her learners permit - eek! Thank goodness she has a Dad that can handle teaching her to drive, he taught me and since Jess is my clone he should be ok. I say should be, the first lesson she almost took out someone's letter box!

     10 year old Josh decided he wanted to see how long his hair would grow over the Summer holidays (6 weeks). "As long as it is cut before we go back to school ." I said. Here are the before and after shots. He has hair like his Dad's in that it grows staright out. It is lovely and soft though not wire like his Dad has. I think I could charge for people to run their hands over his hair once it is freshly cut, it is so soft and has a lovely texture, very theraputic.

Noah on his first day in Year 1

Hmmm, seem to be having some problems uploading some more photos so I will end this post and start a new one.

See ya in a mo!


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