Monday, 20 February 2012

Family Holiday 2011

Hmmm, yep is really has been a year since the last time I did anything on this poor old blog, so much for New Year's 'resolutions'! Oh well, doesn't mean I can't dro in now and then and upload some of what is happening around here.
It has becoming a family tradition to escape the pre-Christmas mania and go to Albany (in the South of Western Australia) for the week before Christmas. It is usually the first full week of the Summer school holidays too. We chose to be closer to the sea last this time. A lovely quiet bay called Goode Beach. It is a sheltered crescent shape. We went to the beach everyday and had a wonderful time. The girls and I had our opp-shopping /general shopping day while the boys went to Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges. They came back drenched as it decided to rain. We came back with sore feet but lots of 'bargains'!
The first day we were there the kids took down the boogie boards, sand castle toys and water guns. Noah is so funny at the beach he spends the entire time at the water's edge avoiding the waves.

On another day we explored one end of the beach and I took the opportunity to take some shots of my boys while they would stay still long enough for me to do it.
Boys will be boys!
Amy, who is usually the prissy one, allowed Jess to make her into a sand sculpture - a mermaid.
She doesn't look best pleased does she, whether that is because she is half buried in the sand or because this was about the 5th photo I am not sure. The sand at this beach was really cool, white and very fine like icing sugar and it squeaked when you walked on it!
I got to opportunity to take some lovely shots of Jess this holiday. Unlike Amy she doesn't mind her photo taken. She won't thank me for putting these photos up but oh well, I am her Mum so she will have to get over it (cruel, I know).

One of my all time favorite photos of Jess.

Several years ago (before the boys were born) we took a photo at the beach of just our footprints in the sand. Two little sets and two larger. I tried on this beach but I couldn't get all of our feet in the frame. So we tried a different way. Problem is I can't figure out who is who! (Apart from Noah and me!)

I have been doing a fair bit of arty stuff lately, my mojo seems to like me right now. There are a fair few pictures so I have decided to save them for a separate post. Coming soon ...
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